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Day May 9th visit of Pasqual Maragall

Summary of questions that we ask him

Day 10th our European day “BE EUROPEAN FEEL EUROPEAN”

Activity carried out specifically for children who could not attend to “La Rambla”

Carmeleurolitas explains in TAC 12 Television his project during the celebration of the European party on May 10th

Our experiencia with Eurocola

To celebrate the European Day we performed different activities between Thursday 9th and Friday 10th.


The European Day, Thursday 9th, we organized a visit to our school of the ex-president of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”, and mayor of Barcelona during the 1992 Olympics, Pasqual Maragall, very well kwon by his European ideas.  

We had the opportunity to meet him and listen about his experiences, and to know at first hand the importance of belonging to the CCE. It was a very enriching experience for us and now we see clearly the importance of being European.

An important part of the visit was also the relationship with the other kids at school, they could prepare different activities to share with him. The most relevant was the interpretation of the Europe national anthem by a group of students.



On the 10th, we tried to make that all citizens of Tarragona participate in the European party. To do this we set up a tent and a stage in the main avenue of Tarragona (La Rambla Nova). Throughout the day more than 400 children visited us and participated in the games and activities we had prepared, all of them were related to the importance of being and feel European. We also deal information about Europe to everyone who came to visit us. In all these events we have the active participation of Europedirect Tarragona and the Town City Hall represented by Marta Domenech.


During these two days we have feel as part of a big project call EUROPE, and we thing we have transfer part of our enthusiasm to our colleges at the school, and also to the Tarragona citizens.

Carmeleurolitas after reciving the visit of the President Pasqual Maragall. Thank you for the visit!!

The Diari de Tarragona published about Carmeleurolitas and the visit of Pasqual Maragall

On Thursday, May 9 the president Pasqual Maragall visited the Mare de Deu del Carme school, where Carmeleurolitas team were waiting impatiently. On arrival students of Primary received him with the European anthem played by violin, cello and flute. Later he visited the cloister and the church, and assisted in the library to a second act with Baccalaureate students, who represent Tarragona in the EUROSCOLA contest 2013 with the name of Carmeleurolitas.image

EUROPA - EYC2013 - "Be european feel like an european" celebración del día de Europa en Tarragona por el equipo de Carmeleurolitas

Carmeleurolitas appears in the official website European Year of Citizens 2013 where they explain the party they made to celebrated the European Day. 

Més de 400 infants participen a la celebració del Dia d'Europa amb el concurs 'Euroescola' a la Rambla Nova

We leave the link where you can listen the experiences and explanations of three members of the Carmelerolitas team on the radio Tarragona Radio. Also you can listen the representative of Europe direct Tarragona Marta Domenech, who  was given support to Carmeleurolitas.

Més de 400 nens i nenes participen en la celebració del Dia d'Europa a la Rambla Nova — Ajuntament de Tarragona